Pumping Systems

WIL is a factory authorized dealer / representative for both Franklin Electric and Grundfos pumps and motors. We are intimately familiar with pump selection, sizing and custom building a complete system to meet your demand requirements. We are also able to offer extended warranty on these products.

Domestic Pump Installations

WIL has a fully stocked service van and maintains a complete inventory of system components common to the domestic market. Rarely are we called to site and only to see our supplier and have you wait for us to locate the appropriate item. We are experienced with constant pressure systems as well as traditional cycle systems. Where neatness counts you can count on us. We have refined our processes to minimize the mess both during drilling and during pump connection. We also work with a number of other licensed contractors for the pump installation in Ontario and we are happy to work with your preferred pump installer.

Commercial Pump Installations

Commercial pump installations often require a significant amount of data collection and a clear understanding of the operations characteristics of each facility to properly design and select the most appropriate pumping system. Each of these systems are unique and may have a wide range of flow / pressure objectives that need to be considered in the equipment selection phase. We are very accomplished using various pump selection software and summarizing well performance characteristics. We are also very familiar with variable speed drives and are able to select a pumping system that is not only efficient but durable.

Golf Pumping Systems

Golf pumping systems often operate much differently than the average well. Some are operated for up to 6 months or more without shutting off. Obviously under these severe conditions for the equipment to run trouble free it as to be selected and installed properly. Selection of the right pump and motor combination can result in substantial long term operational cost savings. Many golf irrigation providers are not licensed for the installation of pumping equipment in water wells. We are happy to work with your irrigation provider on the well pump installation.

Municipal Pump Installations

Municipal pumps are typically the most technically advanced installations completed. We have a great working relationship with many municipalities and offer emergency service as well as a host of other services tailored to the municipal market. We have a great relationship with both Franklin Electric and Grundfos and can often get custom pumps / motors within a few hours of notice. In rare circumstances the product cannot be obtained we also have a deep rental pool of pumps and motors up to 1300 gpm and 100 hp to meet your need.

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