Well Rehabilitation Services

Almost all wells undergo some natural decline in performance as the well ages. Typically higher capacity wells decline more quickly as they are used more often. The rate at which well performance decline is different for each well as it is specific to the geological environment, water quality and well construction considerations. Most wells will lose some efficiency with age however this can only be measured by completing some controlled testing on the well, unless the losses are significant where production is significantly reduced. WIL is every experienced at restoring lost capacity to wells. We have a variety of tools and proprietary techniques to apply. Our team is also uniquely qualified to select the most cost effective and technically correct approach to each unique situation.

Liner Installations

In some cases where the original casing has become damaged it is possible to install and properly seal in place a new casing inside the old one. Most commonly this is done in bedrock wells where the original casing was not advanced into the bedrock and sediment is allowed to enter the well around the base of the corroded casing. Other times there may be an opportunity to selectively exclude shallow bedrock water from a well. We have installed many liners in high capacity wells and in some cases vastly improved the water quality

Well Reconstruction

In some cases it is technically feasible to completely reconstruct a well with the overall goal of replacing the casing or excluding shallow water from the well. The process it typically completed in select environments under specific circumstances where drilling a replacement well is not feasible. The process involves removal of the existing casing, enlarging the borehole and cementing in place a new casing often to greater depths.

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