How to select a reputable water well contractor

For most of us purchasing a well isn’t and everyday occurrence. Quite simply it would be rare to find a person who purchases more than one well in their lifetime. So in relative terms there are many that just simply do not have the familiarity with the trade to know what to look for in a good water well contractor, moreover most of the work you require is well out of sight and can’t be easily inspected. The following bit of information should help point you in the right direction. You are not just paying for the cost of a well, you are also paying for the ability of the contractor, and this includes their capacity to respond to or resolve problems that may arise. Not all wells are simple projects.

Things to look for in a good drilling contractor.

  1. Was the contractor able to adequately explain the process, type of well you need and determine the finished capacity you require?
  2. Did the contractor present their firm in a professional manner?
  3. Did the contractor discuss payment terms? If not ask, many will finish the work, then refuse to leave unless they have a cheque in hand for full payment. This should be an immediate red flag. If paid in full many contractors do not return to address problems, so make sure the well is working properly and sediment free before payment. Any reputable contractor should be understanding of this approach.
  4. Find out the warranty interval of the products they are providing for both the well and the pumping system.
  5. Ask for recent references and call them – ask questions.
  6. Insurance and WSIB, insist to be a named insured on their insurance policy and have them complete a current WSIB Clearance Certificate with your name on it. A number of contractors do not have WSIB coverage and it is required in most cases. Should the contractor be injured on your jobsite you could be liable not only for his WSIB premiums but also any related fines in connection with an investigation by the Ministry of Labour. These fines can be in excess of $50,000.00.
  7. Find out some information on the size of the firm. How many employees do they have, what is the complete scope of work they do. Ask to see photos of their equipment and jobsite activities. If the answers come back and its one guy and his kid and they work out of their house you may not be getting the best value or experience for your project. Larger firms tend to have a much broader experience and they have more equipment to select when it comes time to fix that unexpected problem – the right way. The average 1 or 2 man company simply cannot compete with this, and ultimately you could be left with a problem.

Find the contractor that really provides most or all of these things. The more questions you ask the more you will learn about the process and give you some indication if you’ve found the right firm to complete your work. Be thorough and remember like anything you get what you pay for.

How to select a
reputable water well contractor.

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